Advent Cards

Advent is the waiting for the coming of someone or something. That’s how we call the season where we wait for Christmas.

I want my children to treasure Jesus. I want the Christmas dinner, Santa Claus, the gifts and all the pretty decorations to be only secondary.

That’s why I made these cards! To communicate to my kids that Christmas is much more than December 25th. It was planned a long time ago and it’s way more transcendent than what they can imagine.

You can read a message about Christmas every day by printing the Advent Cards 2020. When you open the link, you’ll find a printable word document. This document was designed in a way you can cut and glue in the shape of a card.

In our home, we like sitting down to read them each night. But you can read during breakfast or in the middle of the day if your family stays home.

It is my prayer that you and your children would be able to see the goodness and closeness God wants to have with you through Christmas.

*If you’re on December 13th, you’ll read Day 13.

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